Saturday, August 11, 2007

MySpace and Facebook

Over the years I've sat on the sidelines and watched the hype about these social networking sites. I have to admit, I don't really get the attraction of these sites, but about 60 million people on myspace, and 30 million people on facebook must know something. So....I decided to set up profiles on both sites. My sister says that It's pretty sad that I don't have very many friends on my profile. If you're using either of these, feel free to "friend" me or "poke" me or whatever it is we're supposed to do on there. Maybe I'll figure it out someday...


Anonymous said...

Pastor Mark,

You'd never remember me, so I'll not bother to tell you who I am, but I'm a member of Cornerstone Church in Nashville and I just stumbled upon your blog. How wonderful to catch up with you after all these years.

I can remember so well how we prayed and rejoiced with you over the arrival of your children. And what an answer to prayer it was! LOL

I would love to see pictures of these wonderful gifts of God sometime.

Wishing you and Anne continued blessings!

Mark Lunsford said...

I'm glad you found me again! Just send me an email at and I'll send you a link to see some pictures of our family.

Mary said...

Hey Pastor Mark!

Saw your comment on Becky's blog. Had to send you a "Hello" from the Kelso family.

I agree with your assessment of these sites. I set up a little profile with myspace just so I could comment on my sister Kristy's page. They are ugly cluttered pages aren't they?

Mark Lunsford said...

Hi Mary! It's good to hear from you!