Thursday, January 3, 2008

Happy New Year!

I'm a couple of days late, but my new year's resolution is to get back to blogging, working out, and other good things. :)

We had a great Christmas, highlighted by Anne's parents coming in from Tampa. Papa saved Christmas for our family by securing a Wii from a crowded Target store early on a Sunday morning. I'm not sure who loved it more, the kids or the grown ups. Anne's brother Thad and his family came down to spend a couple of days with us...and challenge us to Wii bowling.

Sunday afternoon we drove up to Little Rock to stay at their house for a couple of days. One of the big highlights was driving to Pinnacle mountain state park for a little hiking. We were only going to go part way up the mountain but my daughter Samantha (9) and my nephew Wilson (6) would not stop. They were determined to get to the top. Of course, that made me want to keep going too, so the three of us finished the mile and a half trek together. I don't think Wilson was even breathing hard, which was amazing because the peak of the mountain was literally rock climbing. Coming down was actually a little scarier than going up because there were no guard rails or anything. I told Wilson I had to hold on to him tight or his mom would never forgive me. :) Here's a picture of Sami and Wilson at the top.

The lowlights of the new year included my USF Bulls getting trounced in the Sun Bowl. Thad was bummed that the Razorbacks got routed in the Cotton Bowl. Hopefully the Bucs can lift our spirits this weekend. :)

Now, I'm back to work getting ready for an incredible 2008. Our church is having a prayer emphasis this week, and as I was praying last night, I was reminded how good God is, and how much He has blessed me. I'm glad that I'm able to know Him, and this year I want to share His love with more people and in more ways than ever before.


mary said...

Pastor Mark,
I can't believe that we have found you this way. We had heard that you guys had moved to Texas, but it was not confirmed until this morning in church. We are now at Pastor Aaron church and we are being blessed like you wouldn't believe. We have been there for about 6 weeks and loving every minute, it just keeps getting better.
We had sent you a Christmas card to you Tampa address, but it has not been returned.
I knew that this picture had to be Sami, oh she has grown. I know that the twins must be little ladys by now.
We are doing well. We have moved to Goodlettsvile. I have retired from UPS and keeping our grandaughter her name is Sydney how about that, she is 15mos. We also have 3 grandsons, the baby is 3mos.
Mike is still working, someone has too.
That is enough about us. Let us hear all about you guys.
God Bless You and much love to all.
Mike & Mary

Mark Lunsford said...

Hi Mary! I'm glad you found me! We are enjoying our time in Texas. We received your Christmas card. It was forwarded to me. If you'll send me an email at mark at hopefellowship dot net I will give you our new address. We think about you guys often. Hopefully we can see you sometime. God bless!