Thursday, February 28, 2008

random stuff

The weather in Frisco is beautiful today. Clear, 66 degrees. I think it's actually warmer here than it is in Tampa.

Anne and I found a new Thai restaurant last night. It's called Zak8. The food was great! It may have just passed my former fave, Benjarong in Tampa. However, it was a little awkward when the fire alarm went off shortly after they brought us our food. Apparently the restaurant next door burned their bread.

I was driving to an appointment today, listening to my mp3 player, (the Dell DJ) when I realized that I've been using the same one for three years now. Three years is like 20 in mp3 years. :) It looks OLD SCHOOL! But, it's still cranking out the tunes.

Speaking of tunes, my picks for this year's American Idol are David A. and Alaina.

**UPDATE (9:50PM)-I was surprised that Alaina got voted out tonight. I'm pretty sure this is the earliest my pick has gone home. I know that she didn't do very well this week, but I thought there were enough others with bad performances that she would make it through. She has a great voice, and I think she would have gotten better with experience. I guess America didn't have the same vision...:)**

Speaking of American Idol, I deleted Fantasia from the DJ today. Just didn't make the cut for me.

I'm going to the Mavs game tomorrow!! I'm pumped!

Have a great weekend!


Elbo said...

Sorry about the Mavs, Avery went crazy and forgot to put in his star player Kidd in the crunch.

Mark Lunsford said...

Yeah, they couldn't hit a shot when they needed it. Hopefully they'll do better tonight!