Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Busy, Busy, Busy

The last week it seems like life has been going non-stop. Maybe you're wondering, "What does a carefree guy like me do with all his time?" Well, I'm glad you asked. Since my last post we celebrated Father's day. I always try to milk everything I can out of the holiday. Hey, it's all we dads get right? Since Sundays are kind of busy for me, my family fixed me breakfast on Saturday morning. Waffles, bacon, orange juice, coffee, you just can't go wrong with that.

As last week began, the girls started counting down the days until "Camp Rock Day." Yes, the latest Disney Channel movie aimed squarely at kids my girl's age. On Tuesday, I was informed that the soundtrack was coming out and they just HAD to have it. I needed to keep my reputation as the #1 dad, so I bought it for them. Even kicked in for the bonus DVD! (EXTRA POINTS!) That evening I had a meeting at church with the usher leaders, and Anne had a meeting with the worship team, so the girls stayed in my office learning the new tunes so they would be "ready" for the premiere. While they were in there, they imported the cd onto my computer so that the next time I synced the DJ, it would download to my mp3 player so they could listen to it in the car. Surprisingly resourceful and geeky at the same time. I have to say I was a little proud, even if they did defile my player with their music.

Wednesday brought regular work hours during the day, and then a board meeting at night. After a long day in the office on Thursday, I was looking forward to a little rest time on Thursday night, and a day off on Friday. But when I got home, Anne thought it was a good night to buy our daughter Sydney the dresser that she's needed ever since we moved here. Even though I really didn't feel like it, I agreed that the time was right, so we loaded up and drove to Ikea to pick it up. The great thing about Ikea furniture is that you get the satisfaction of putting it together. I started the process at about 9:30. I'm sure most people could have knocked it out in about thirty minutes, but I finally got it done at 1:30am after realizing that I had put two screws in the wrong place, and then trying to get them out, and then giving up and hoping that it stays together anyway.

Friday was "Camp Rock" day. Most of the day was spent preparing for the big event. The girls were having a couple of friends over to watch it with them. They were so hyped up, they were screaming when it actually did start. I'm not sure if they liked the movie or not, but they watched it at least four more times over the weekend.

Saturday meant it was back to church for the weekend services. Since we had communion last weekend, I got there at about four oclock to help get set up. After service, we all went over to Pastor John's house to get a chance to visit with the Exleys who are in town from Africa. Sunday brought three more services, lunch with friends at La Hacienda, and then life group on Sunday evening.

Monday meant the work week started again. After I got home, we met up with Aaron and Jeanette and walked downtown to get a snowcone from the Snowcone Lady. (I had the white hawaiian, highly recommended).

Today I went back to the office, visited Aubrey and Jen's new arrival Grady in the hospital, picked up our van from the shop (a whole other story), and then enjoyed dinner at home with the family and our summer intern Courtney.

That pretty well catches you up. I have to admit, I like being busy. Especially when I feel like it's busyness with a purpose.

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Anonymous said...

You are a blessed man...and to top it all off you have IKEA there...;-)