Saturday, September 13, 2008

Obnoxious Texans

Before I moved to Texas, I believed that all people who lived in Texas were obnoxious.  There is no other state in the country whose flag is the primary decoration in most people's homes.  I just could never figure it out.  When I lived in Tennessee, a lot of the people I worked with had ties to Dallas, and that sealed it for me.  I mean, I was from Florida, the best state in the union, but you didn't hear me whooping and hollering about how great it was.  Well, I'm not sure what has happened to me, but I really do like it here.  In fact, for my first year anniversary I even bought a shirt that says, "Everything's better in Texas"!  I'm wearing it like a proud, obnoxious Texan.  I'm still not sure why everyone thinks it's so great, but I'm not fighting it any count me a proud member of the obnoxious Texan club!


Anonymous said...

When I moved here in 1993 It was the same feeling for me.. I was told after 10 years then you are officially a Texan.

Thomas Clay said...


To be declared an official Alabamian, I have to be able to quote any Lynyrd Skynyrd lyric and name every year that Bear Bryant won the national championship.... :-)

Roll Tide!

Gravesland said...

Ugh....subscription music and now you call yourself a Texan. Poor boy.

Jaime Kent said...

Your due, time to write a new blog :)