Thursday, March 29, 2007


In the car today I heard an interview with Bruce Snyder who used to be the head football coach at Arizona State University. He made a statement that struck a chord with me. He said, "Life is complicated, Politics are complicated, religion is complicated, but accountability is simple." He went on to explain that in all of the complications that come our way, it's simple to be accountable and take responsibility for our actions. I have grown tired of listening to leaders who whine, complain and make excuses for everything that happens. I think people appreciate leaders who are willing to make the tough calls, and then accept responsibility for their decisions. Every one is going to make mistakes, go make them honestly and stop blaming everybody else.

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Anonymous said...

So I decided to check out your blog. I have to admit I was scared to see what might come out of you deep thoughts but I like it! I really enjoy that quote there is nothing easier than being accountable. All you have to do is get over yourself and be open. thanks for the wisdom!