Friday, March 23, 2007

Kind of Blue

While I'm talking about music, I have to mention that Miles Davis' "Kind of Blue" is, imho, the greatest recording of all time. In the last two days, my mp3 player (the dell dj), has chosen to play "Freddie Freeloader", "Blue in Green", and "So What." The fact that these recordings still sound relevant, and that the performances of each player are still breathtaking almost 50 years later, makes it a "must listen to" every few months. It puts perspective into how to approach playing traditional jazz tunes. It's so easy to "lounge-ify" these songs and this style of music if it's not played with respect.


Anonymous said...

Miles is timeless- but alot of that has to do with his choice of players- especially guitar players- Mike Stern was the best in his support role of Miles (imho!) Too bad that Mike came away with not only great chops after the gig with Miles, but a huge heronie habit too- Thankfully he has kicked that one and gotten back to great music. If you want to hear Mike in great form, check out his take on "Dirty Work" on the Royal Dan- a guitar tribute to Steely Dan.

Mark Lunsford said...

I completely agree with you about Miles' ability to pick great players to surround himself with. That's another reason he is one of my favorite all time musicians. As for Mike Stern, I had the chance to see him in concert along with Bob Berg a few (okay, more that a few) years ago and it was an incredible concert. I'll check out the track you mentioned.