Monday, April 23, 2007

Family Time

This weekend was focused on spending time with my family. On Thursday, I got to spend some quality time with my daughter Morgan. She had a field trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, and I was able to accompany her. We went on some rides that I think she would definitely have skipped if it weren't for all of her classmates that were with us. Even I questioned whether some of these rides were appropriate for 3rd graders. But, I think she has survived the trauma from the "Revenge of the Mummy" ride and the "Horror Make Up Show." She told me she likes the Disney parks better. She says they're better for kids. I think she's right.

On Friday, we met my parents at the mall for two special occasions. First, two of my daughters had decided that they were ready to get their ears pierced. Even though most of their friends got their ears pierced a long time ago, my girls have continually put it off because they didn't want to deal with the pain (or the thought of the pain.) Actually, Samantha had it done once, but her ears got infected and the holes closed. So, after much discussion, they were ready. As we approached the store they stayed resolute in their decision. Samantha chose her December birthstone as her earrings. Sydney chose small cz diamonds. I was proud of them for sticking with it. In the past, they might have gotten scared and backed out, but they didn't even waver. In fact, after dinner, Morgan decided that if they could do it, so could she. So, we went back to the store, she picked out pink flowers, and had hers done too. We went from zero ears pierced to all of their ears pierced. I told them I wasn't getting my ears pierced, but I might pierce my belly button. :)

After the piercings, we had dinner with my parents to celebrate my dad's 69th birthday! Sorry dad, was I not supposed to mention your age? Actually, when I tell people my dad's age, they are usually surprised. He is still active, pastoring Faith Assembly in St. Pete and making a difference in numerous families lives each week.

On Sunday afternoon, Anne's family came over. We always have a good time with her parents, brother and his family. The kids had a blast in the pool, the ladies played cards, and the guys watched hockey. Pretty good way to spend a day if you ask me.

It's so great to be able to share these moments together. I am blessed to be a part of a family that I love, and loves each other.

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Anonymous said...

Hello Sonshine,

I just read your latest post. Thanks for the honorable mention, even if you did reveal my age. How long can I hide it anyway? Fran always plans a party for my birthday. I told her to ignore it this year, but on Sunday, there it was in the bulletin "party for the pastor on Wednesday." So, I will indulge in my favorite dessert, "Devil's Food," rich chocolate cake.

I preached a sermon on Sunday that was different from anything I have done before. After all these years to do something different is challenging. It was a message on philosophy. The bottom line was, to be a Christian you need to be a realist and idealist. I noticed that people were lined up for CDs, so it must have been effective.

Have a great week! Love ya, Dad