Sunday, April 8, 2007

Tie Dye Easter Eggs

Posted by PicasaToday was a great Easter!

It started with a great service at church. This weekend our church had a record attendance of more than 6500!! Then, our family went over to my wife's parents house for dinner, decorating easter eggs, and an Easter egg hunt with the cousins. With seven children under the age of nine between our families, we always have a great time, even if it is a little wild sometimes. This year I was chosen to assist in the specialty egg decoration. The kit that we bought was called tie dye easter eggs. The great thing about it is that it's very difficult to mess up. The kids selected their colors and I assisted them in slathering the color around on the egg to create some kind of creation. I think they turned out kind of cool, so I included a picture for you to admire my craftiness. :) Another big highlight for Easter this year was that my daughter wanted to share the Easter story with the family. Yesterday, she looked up the story in the bible, and then typed it on the computer so that she could read it to everyone. I am so glad that she is learning the true meaning of this holiday. As I listened to her read, I thought about how blessed we are to have a family that loves God and loves each other. I pray that as all of our children grow up, that they will remember these times and understand that God's love is the common bond that we all share.


Anonymous said...

6,500 fantastic! I feel like the stepchild at our little church, :) we had 4,000, and 80 first time decisions for Christ.

Mark Lunsford said...

4,000 people is awesome Steve! There are plenty more people to reach in Tampa! Keep it Up!