Sunday, May 20, 2007


Tonight I was checking my sitemeter just to see if anyone is actually reading my posts, when I noticed that someone had been referred to my site from another blog called revmcgator. I knew right away that it had to be my friend Tim who I worked alongside in my first position in full time ministry in N. Ft Myers, FL. I was eager to read his blog and catch up on the happenings in his life, since it's been some time since we've seen each other. I had read almost all of his posts, and was getting ready to leave the site, when I got to the very bottom of his first post titled "Getting Started". I was shocked to see the last sentence that read, "Thanks to Mark Lunsford for inspiring this." Since I am still a blogging novice, I was surprised to think that anyone would be inspired by my blog, but I appreciated the sentiment and left a comment for him that he had made my day. And, since it made me feel so good, I thought I would take a minute to give kudos to the person who inspired me to start this blogging journey too. My friend Roy over at Hooked on Grace is a member of my church, and one of my favorite guys to hang out with. One day I saw his blog address attached to an email he sent me. His writing is always thoughtful and thought provoking, and I am continually blown away by his insight. When I finally decided to start my blog, he was one of the few people I told about it. So, thanks Roy for your example and for helping me catch the vision for this. You inspire me!


Anonymous said...


Thanks for the kind words. I guess encouraging one another towards God is really what Kingdom based friendship is supposed to do. You my friend have pushed me to grow as a leader.

I love the Jesus I see in you and hurt selfishly to think that our Thai lunches are drawing to an end. But I know my God has lunch plans already reserved for you and your soon to be new friends in Texas.

May you Mark, catch just a glimpse of the great things He has done through you, His faithful servant and then be encouraged and energized to press on.

Your Friend,

Unknown said...

I'm hoping your blog will help me feel connected to you guys when you aren't just down the street anymore - keep typing away. Glad you started! Love, Mary

Anonymous said...

The Body of Christ is the original world wide web - full of interesting connections.

BTW - the post on Rethink Christian - I smell sermon series!