Monday, May 28, 2007

We have a winner!

20 bonus points to Angie Macy for doing her research and figuring out the Random Abstract was the name of an album by Branford Marsalis released in 1988. (In fact, she found a good review of the album which I'll post below.)

10 bonus points to my sister Angela Malz who also guessed it, just a little later. She probably remembered hearing it in the room next door and being annoyed. :)

5 bonus points to Stephanie for at least responding, even if she didn't really hazard a guess. :)

Thanks for the participation!

Here's the review of Random Abstract:

For those people
searching for an album that represents the highest
level of music being produced at the time, Random
Abstract is what you've been searching for. Recorded
in 1987 at the time where the direction of jazz had
been heading in a different direction for quite some
time, Random Abstract re-focuses that bearing to what
some people may call mainstream today. As the third
jazz album to be released by Branford Marsalis there
is evidence that an artist mature beyond his years has
emerged. In not only sound but also his ability to
create melody's that can stand on their own, without
the aid of a band to back them up.

Random Abstract comprises of several tributes to some
of the main contributors to Branford's concept of
music. The two most memorable is Crescent City, a
tribute to John Coltrane's 1963-1964 period, and his
`steep plays bean' version of I Thought About You. You
can tell there is a close place in Branford's heart
for Ben Webster when he plays a whole song as accurate
as he can in one persons style. The hidden track on
his latest release Contemporary Jazz is only testimony
to this fact. The other is a tip of the cap to the
Blue Note concept with a fantastic rendition of Wayne
Shorter's Yes And No. Yesterdays is also a highlight
not only because of the groups cohesiveness as a unit
but also the unusually slow tempo.


Anonymous said...

oh...5 whole points!!! I am sooo excited. I believe I'll cash those in on my next Frisco. I think they will be worth one shout out during a movie. Ha Ha!
I love reading your stuff. It makes it feel like we don't live sooooo far away. However, today's post just reminds me of more family that I've gotten to know over the past 6 years and now I'll never see again. Thanks alot!

Anonymous said...

Yeehaw, 10 points. What can I buy with that?