Sunday, July 22, 2007

Local Eats

As we're getting closer to leaving, I'm making sure to eat at all my favorite Tampa spots. I love eating at places that are a little bit off the beaten path, and that you can't get everywhere. My favorite subs can be found at Subport. I always get the #9 (Turkey and Cheese) with everything on it. There's just something about the combination of bread that they use, and the spices they add, that make their subs unique. I've been a fan of theirs ever since I was in college. Yesterday, the family and I ate at a new hamburger joint that just opened up around the corner. I think it's actually a franchise, but I haven't seen them anywhere else. It's called Five Guys, and they have some of the best burgers I've eaten in a long time. Whenever I go to Prime Time Sports Grill, I get the Buffalo Chicken Sandwich. I order it hot, but not swimming in sauce. It's a huge piece of chicken for the price. (And, just to make me feel better, I order broccoli instead of fries.) I love Thai food, and we've got our share of Thai restaurants here in Tampa, but my favorite is still Benjarong Thai. I get the red curry (hot, of course). For a good bento box, you can't beat China-Fuji. I usually get the salmon. Does anyone know of any good local eateries I should try when I get to Frisco?


Anonymous said...

Hey Mark,

We're looking forward to having ya here with us in Frisco. Here are a couple Frisco joints I recommend:

1. Paloma - as authentic, true Mexican food you can find around. I recommend the Rioverdensas, with steak, barbacoa, and chicken.
2. Sushi Awaji is good if you're looking for a good cheap bento box for lunch. But, they're not on the speedy side - they work on their own time schedule.
3. Blue Goose Cantina- best Tex-Mex around. Don't listen to the hype about Manny's - it's all a lie.

haha, see ya next weekend!
Aaron Alexander

Mark Lunsford said...

Aaron, thanks for the tips! I'm looking forward to checking them out with you!

Anonymous said...

I don’t remember you taking me to any of these restaurants unless the Thai is located behind the Publix at Lutz Lake. I’ll try Subport and Five Guys (is that the new one behind Walgreens at Van Dyke)?

Mark Lunsford said...

Actually, China-Fuji is behind the Publix at Lutz Lake. I think we went to Benjarong Thai once, and that was your last. :) Benjarong and Prime Time are right next to each other. Five Guys is on Fletcher and Dale Mabry in the Fresh Market shopping center.