Monday, July 16, 2007

unemployed reflections

I'm now officially unemployed, but I've been busier than ever as we're preparing for our house to close and make the big move. There are so many little things to take care of through this process...

Thursday was my official last day at Grace Family. A lot of the staff was away at camp, but those that were in the office made sure to give me a hug and wish me well. As I was packing up, I began to reflect on the last six and a half years and think about how much the church has grown, how many opportunities for growth that I've had, and the circumstances that brought me here in the first place. It just confirmed in my mind that God has a plan, and has directed every step. In a lot of ways, I feel like Hope Fellowship is poised for the same type of growth that Grace has experienced. It's almost the same size, with the same auditorium constraints that Grace had when I came here. I can see God's hand in my time at Grace, preparing me to assist Hope through their next growth spurt. The time here at Grace has also allowed us to live close to our family. It's has allowed our kids to establish bonds with their grandparents and other family members that will never be broken. We have been very blessed.

My last weekend at Grace was July 1st. As we got ready for church that morning, I think we all felt a little tinge of reality hitting us. The girls were anxious to get to "The Zone," to be a part of the kid's ministry one more time. We were preparing for our last chance to minister with the "Blend" worship team. As you might expect, God definitely showed up in the service. The kindred spirit that we have felt with the worship team was evident, and we had a lot of fun playing music and worshiping together for the last time. I got a chance to share with the Blend, and the other three services how much I appreciated my time here. I am so grateful for how Pastor Craig has handled this whole situation. He has been clear that he didn't want me to leave, (I'm glad about that) but that he knew that God has put this in our hearts. He has been very supportive through the whole process. He presented me with a plaque thanking me for my time at Grace. Also, they put together a video that they showed to the congregation. I felt honored that they would spend so much time and effort putting it together, even if they used some pictures and video that I thought had been long forgotten. (You can see it here. If you look closely you'll even see Anne busting a move in one scene.)

This chapter may be coming to a close, but the relationships and friendships that I have been blessed with through my time at Grace Family will stay with me forever.


Tim McDaniel said...

What a great video! I've been saving something to post on my blog that should have been in that video. You guys are blessed and a blessing.

Anonymous said...

You've come a long way, baby, and you have a long way to go. Enjoy your trip!!!!!!

The video was good. Anne did groove around a little bit. Cool

Anonymous said...

"From legs to legacy"...I bet that got a lot of
laughs. This is an exciting time for you and your
You will be in Texas before you know it.

Thomas Clay said...

I remember the mullet!! I think you had it in our wedding pics (to match the one that I had)!
The experience of leaving our family in IL to move to AL and taking my children away from their grandparents (which you didn't really experience as much when you moved to Nashville but are experiencing in this move) was a painful one but one that we wouldn't have done any other way. I know that you will be blessed in following the Lord's leading and I'm proud of you, brother!

my3pumpkins said...

I can't believe how sad I feel. Even though ya'll live 12 hrs away it is sad for me. I almost shed a tiny tear until the video and saw the reason why we always called you our "beacon of light":0) Those legs!!!

Anonymous said...

What a great video! You guys looked so still look young, but younger. Loved the mullet & the white legs.