Saturday, March 22, 2008

Another Anniversary

While it's much less significant than yesterday's anniversary, today marks an important day also. It's the one year anniversary of God. Life. Stuff. I didn't know when I started if this was going to be one of those ideas that I would actually follow through with, or a fad that came and went. I'm pretty excited that I've made it a year! I re-read my first post and it pretty well sums up what this blog is all about. Through the first year, I have written 100 posts, and have been able to stay in touch with a lot of friends, both old and new. Thanks to everyone who reads this. I hope that this blog will continue to be a source of encouragement, fun, and information for you.


Anonymous said...


Melissa Lee said...

Holy Moly it's Mark Lunsford!! Didn't you used to make me sing cheesy Geron Davis songs?
It was so good to hear from you. I am so glad you have this blog so I can keep in touch with your life. Please tell sweet Anne I said "Hello". I always loved her.
Your girls are so beautiful and so BIG. Do you realize how old you are? Just wanted to make sure you're keeping count.
Please continue to keep in touch. I am crossing my fingers that I travel through Frisco some Sunday in the future. I want to have you stay in touch on my blog, 'kay??