Monday, March 3, 2008

Texas Snow

The girls are enjoying their first taste of snow in Texas tonight! It's hard to believe that yesterday it was 73 degrees and we were wearing short sleeve shirts and shorts! Crazy! The girls were having fun making snowballs. Sami thought she would be cute and throw hers at me after I took this picture. Good thing she has bad aim! :) (She is with me writing this)

Sami: I think that my dad is wrong.

Dad: About what?

Sami: My bad aim

Dad: Don't get defensive--you have plenty of other great qualities. :)

Sami: Oh I'm getting defensive.

Dad: All right, All right. I'm sorry I said you had bad aim. Now, go to bed.

I knew it was a bad idea to let her start typing. :)

Sami: Hey I thought you said that I coud take a long warm bath p.s it really was a good idea to let me typ.

Dad: I'll be the judge of that. Take your bath and go to bed.

Sami: oh fine

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Elbo said...

and roughly a week later it's going to be 90 or close to 90!

Welcome to Texas!